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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Package Should I Choose?

A. We currently provide three different packages, as well as a multitude of individual link building task options. The three packages we offer are "For new Sites," "For Established Sites," and "For Authority Sites." So if your site is newer (less than a year) then the new site package might be your best choice. If your site is established, but not quite authoritative yet, then the established site package might be your best bet. And if your site has been around for years and has many pages, then the authority site package may be for you. Or, if you know what you want, you can create your own mix of backlinks for your site with our many different individual tasks.

Q. How Long Should I Expect to Wait for Tasks to be Completed?

A. Keep in mind that ALL links that we build are manually created. This can take time, especially compared to link-building software (which produce lower quality links.) Completion times vary, depending on our current work load and also on the particular tasks that are in the system. Some tasks take only a few hours to complete (once they are started) while others literally take days (once they are started.) With all of that being said, we cannot give you an exact completion time, but depending on what tasks are ordered, you can expect to wait anywhere from 3 days to 18 days for all tasks to be completed. You can check the status of all of your orders by clicking "My Orders" in the top navigation menu of your account. You can also view and export complete reports of all completed tasks on that page.

Q. Will I Receive Reports for the Tasks and Packages that I Order?

A. Yes, we provide detailed reporting of all completed tasks and packages. Just login to your account and click "My Orders" to see the status of your orders and to view all completion reports. They can be sorted by order date and by URL. You can also export the backlinks that were created in CSV format.

Q. What is the Refund Policy?

A. Due to the nature of our service, all funding is non-refundable. However, if there is a legitimate reason for a refund, we may accommodate refund requests on unused credit.

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